Tips & Tricks

Creating Templates:

Someone asked me recently if they could create templates for agenda, discussion and action items in Meeting Minutes Pro. The answer is, YES. You can use the “Copy data between meetings” feature of the latest release 1.71 to achieve this. Just create as many as you want of your own template meetings as you would create any meeting. Then use the data entered into these template meetings anytime in any meeting by just copying all/selected data items off the template meeting…

Black box around header images in the exported PDF file:

Transparent background in PNG/GIF images is getting converted to black color on the exported PDF file. This seems to be an issue either with the library I am using to generate the PDF file or the way I am using it. While I work on fixing the issue, there is a very simple work around for the time being. Just save the PNG/GIF image into a JPG image and use that as your custom image for the header. This simple trick should give you the results you expect to see…


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